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The Inside of Our Operating Room

Ophthalmology surgeon operating

Both cataract and glaucoma surgeries are preformed in our dedicated ophthalmology operating rooms at the Rambam Health Care Campus. From the photos below you can get a glimpse of what an operating room looks like, and learn a little about the atmosphere and make-up of our operating rooms.  Showing these photos is not just about curiosity. Knowing what to expect may help some of you ease the...

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Tests Performed Before Cataract Surgery

Prof. Blumenthal examining a patient

Patients who come to me complaining of a decline in their eyesight undergo a comprehensive series of tests in my clinic in order to carefully diagnose the cause of the deterioration in their vision. Even if they have previously been examined by other eye doctors, their first examination in my clinic will include an in depth examination, re-evaluating what might be wrong with their eyes. There are...

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Is Cataract Surgery Difficult

Surgeon and operating microscope during an eye operation

Many patients ask their ophthalmologists if cataract surgery is considered difficult. My answer is: “it depends for whom”.  For the surgeon performing the surgery, it is a delicate and precise procedure which requires intense concentration and experience. However, for the patient, the surgery is quite simple. The patient lies on a bed in the operating room and is connected to a heart-rate...

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Risks and Complications of Cataract Surgery

Ophthalmology surgeon observing through a microscope

Cataract surgery is perhaps the most common type of surgery preformed today. This surgery demonstrates a very high level of safety when compared to almost any other surgery performed. If we were to pool and analyze a very large number of surgeries performed, perhaps a hundreds thousand cataract surgeries done, we could calculate the average risk of an adverse event, problem, or complication might...

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What Should I Expect after Cataract Surgery

Early cataract seen as yellowing of the lens

Following glaucoma and cataract surgery, the operated patient will be informed that the surgery has been successfully completed, and with the assistance of a nurse will leave the operating room. The patient will then be transferred to a room in which he/she will stay for a short period of time (say, an hour) for observation. Assuming the surgery was scheduled as a day care hospitalization,...

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