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How is Glaucoma Diagnosed?

A visual field machine used for testing glaucoma patients

 Patients who visit my clinic for the first time often ask me:  “do I have glaucoma or perhaps not?”.  Others  who have already been diagnosed with glaucoma with certainty, might like to learn how their doctor came to this conclusion. In this chapter, I will try to explain in detail how an ophthalmologist  diagnoses whether or not a patient has glaucoma. Glaucoma can be...

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What Tests Will Your Eye Doctor Perform to Diagnose Glaucoma

Prof. Blumenthal examining a patient

How will my eye doctor decide if I actually have glaucoma, or maybe not? Glaucoma, in the vast majority of cases goes unnoticed, and hence, undiagnosed. Those suffering from this disease typically do not experience any pain or discomfort, and the visual field defects are not usually noticeable to the patient himself/herself.  In contrast, during a routine eye examination your ophthalmologist can...

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Intra-Ocular Pressure: What, Why and How

A tonometer used to measure eye pressure (intraocular pressure)

What is Intraocular pressure? Why is it so important in diagnosing and following glaucoma patients?  How do we accurately measure it in the clinic? Intra-ocular pressure is the most important parameter for treating and stabilizing glaucoma. The intraocular pressure (the pressure built-up within the eye) is an indication of how full the eye is with fluid, which in turn affects the tension on the...

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What is a Visual Field Test

The button which is pressed while performing a visual field test

A visual field test is preformed by a specially trained technician. The results of each individual eye are registered in print and the patient is requested to give the test results to the ophthalmologist during the patient’s next visit. According to the findings in the test, the doctor can diagnose the patient, and determine what the best treatment is. How does the doctor determine the...

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Visual Field Damage in Glaucoma

A computerized visual field examination is a test that enables us to evaluate the amount of damage existing in the visual field of an eye suffering from glaucoma. If, on the other hand, no damage is found, we might conclude that the eye is either healthy, or at risk to develop future visual field damage. In this examination the patient’s field of vision is tested, while looking at a single...

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Optic Nerve Damage in Glaucoma

Normal Optic Nerve Normal Optic Nerve Glaucoma Suspect Glaucoma Advanced...

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GDx – Diagnosing Glaucoma with Imaging

A normal GDx scan

Glaucoma: Imaging Optic Nerve Damage Glaucoma is a common disease, which usually occurs, in older age. Its incidence is 2-4% of the population older than 40, while in the 80+ year old population its incidence is greater than 6%. The optic nerve is damaged in glaucoma because of increased intra-ocular pressure, pressure that, over time, damages optic nerve fibers. Such damage to the nerve is...

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