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Conjunctivitis is usually an infection caused by a virus or bacteria; however, you should be aware that such inflammation can also develop in response to allergies, such as allergies to eye medications, as well as spring allergies. Infectious conjunctivitis (often referred to simply as ‘conjunctivitis’) appear in healthy people simply because they were infected, just like catching...

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Dry Eyes

It is rather common for a person who has visited an ophthalmologist with various complaints of discomfort in their eyes to learn that they have dry eyes which require treatment with eye drops. This section will deal with everything that may pertain to ‘dry eyes’. Dryness of the eyes is a situation in which the surface of the eye (mainly the transparent cornea) is not sufficiently covered and...

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Sty: an Infection of the Eyelids

A ‘sty’ is a small localized infection inside the eyelid that in many respects is similar to acne. A sty may, therefore, be quite bothersome, but is not dangerous. Unlike acne, a sty can appear at any age, as opposed to acne that usually presents during puberty. Another difference is that acne usually appears as multiple pimples, often dozens, while a single sty is usually the rule, rarely...

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Allergies are a very common problem. Some people respond in an exaggerated manner to substances, chemicals, or biological materials that most other people do not respond or react to. Allergies can develop to the pollen of certain plants, to particular foods, to animal fur, to the house dust mite (a microscopic organism that lives in dust, carpets, linens, mattresses and pillows, and to which many...

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