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Disturbing Floaters, Dots, or Lines Seen

Many people approach me with a complaint of different visual field disturbances which they describe as black dots, curly lines, floaters, or flies and the like that are seen in their visual field. These disturbances usually come and go, and may change shape or location. They often move around and hence are noted in different locations of the visual field. What is unique about them is that when...

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Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD)

In every eye, at a certain point in life, generally between the ages of 50-70 an event known as posterior vitreous detachment will occur. It is also called PVD, for short. This is a condition in which the gel that fills the eye detaches from its connections to the retina and essentially aggregates in the center of the eye. This gel, which accompanies us throughout our lives, undergoes changes...

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