Glaucoma & Cataract, Prof. Eytan Blumenthal



Ophthalmology surgeon operating

The Inside of Our Operating Room

Both cataract and glaucoma surgeries are preformed in our dedicated ophthalmology operating rooms at the Rambam Health Care Campus. From the photos below you can get a glimpse of what an operating room looks like, and learn a little about the atmosphere and make-up of our operating rooms.  Showing these photos is not just about curiosity. Knowing what

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Hebrew book about Cataract & Glaucoma, by Prof. Eytan Blumenthal

Cataract & Glaucoma Hebrew book

This Hebrew book “Cataract and Glaucoma” authored by Prof. Eytan Blumenthal, describes in clear and concise language two common eye diseases of the eye, namely: cataract: blurring of vision due to opacity of the lens; and glaucoma: damage to the optic nerve due to elevated intra-ocular pressure. The book describes what is cataract, why and

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From The Press- General

Glaucoma & Cataract Can be Treated Together Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, THE JERUSALEM POST. Jan 29, 2003   Abstract: Although cataracts can be removed only with surgery, modern cataract surgery is extremely efficient and considered one of the most common – if not most common – and one of the safest surgical procedures available. Once discovered, special

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A Man of Vision

Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, THE JERUSALEM POST. Article as PDF Glaucoma and cataracts are two common causes of blindness. A new book by an Israeli ophthalmologist describes them and details how they can be cured or controlled. Was David the world’s first expert on ophthalmology? His adversary, Goliath, had vision problems. The biblical text indicates that this

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What is a Cataract

Within each healthy eye is a lens that we are born with. This lens, which is crystal clear, is important in focusing the light onto the retina, and enabling us clear vision. The definition of the word ‘cataract’ is clouding of this natural lens. This cloudiness (opacification) interferes with the passing of light through the

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A photo showing a very dense, mature, cataract

Types of Cataract

One can classify and sort the different types of cataract in a number of ways: Categorization According to Location of the opacity: A nuclear cataract appears in the center of the lens. The nucleus is the inner, central, portion of the natural lens. This cataract generally develops with age and causes blurred vision as well

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