Glaucoma & Cataract, Prof. Eytan Blumenthal


What is a Cataract

What is a Cataract

Within each healthy eye is a lens that we are born with. This lens, which is crystal clear, is important in focusing the light onto the retina, and enabling us clear vision. The definition of the word ‘cataract’ is clouding of this natural lens. This cloudiness (opacification) interferes with the passing of light through the

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A photo showing a very dense, mature, cataract

Types of Cataract

One can classify and sort the different types of cataract in a number of ways: Categorization According to Location of the opacity: A nuclear cataract appears in the center of the lens. The nucleus is the inner, central, portion of the natural lens. This cataract generally develops with age and causes blurred vision as well

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Can Cataract be Prevented

Many patients who suffer from mild to moderate cataracts, or who already underwent cataract surgery in one eye, inquire if there is a way to prevent the worsening of a cataract as well as prevention of cataract surgery? They ask: is there something that we are doing, without intending to, which is exacerbating the situation and

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