Glaucoma & Cataract, Prof. Eytan Blumenthal



Surgery for Glaucoma- Introduction

Surgery is necessary in those situations in which medicines and laser surgery are not adequate to sufficiently control the intraocular pressure. When an ophthalmologist decides that there is a risk for further advance of the disease despite current treatment, he is likely to recommend surgical intervention. Of all the existing surgeries performed to treat glaucoma, […]

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Ophthalmology surgeon operating

The Inside of Our Operating Room

Both cataract and glaucoma surgeries are preformed in our dedicated ophthalmology operating rooms at the Rambam Health Care Campus. From the photos below you can get a glimpse of what an operating room looks like, and learn a little about the atmosphere and make-up of our operating rooms.  Showing these photos is not just about curiosity. Knowing what

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Surgeon and operating microscope during an eye operation

Is Cataract Surgery Difficult

Many patients ask their ophthalmologists if cataract surgery is considered difficult. My answer is: “it depends for whom”.  For the surgeon performing the surgery, it is a delicate and precise procedure which requires intense concentration and experience. However, for the patient, the surgery is quite simple. The patient lies on a bed in the operating room and

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