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Glaucoma Medications Explained

This is a particularly important section which I encourage you to read, particularly if you place glaucoma eye-drops regularly. In the following links- you will find, in simple text, information on each and every eye-drop used for glaucoma.  For each class of eye-drops, the mechanism of action, a list of the important side-effects as well as

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Surgery for Glaucoma- Introduction

Surgery is necessary in those situations in which medicines and laser surgery are not adequate to sufficiently control the intraocular pressure. When an ophthalmologist decides that there is a risk for further advance of the disease despite current treatment, he is likely to recommend surgical intervention. Of all the existing surgeries performed to treat glaucoma,

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Hebrew book about Cataract & Glaucoma, by Prof. Eytan Blumenthal

Cataract & Glaucoma Hebrew book

This Hebrew book “Cataract and Glaucoma” authored by Prof. Eytan Blumenthal, describes in clear and concise language two common eye diseases of the eye, namely: cataract: blurring of vision due to opacity of the lens; and glaucoma: damage to the optic nerve due to elevated intra-ocular pressure. The book describes what is cataract, why and

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What is a Cataract

Within each healthy eye is a lens that we are born with. This lens, which is crystal clear, is important in focusing the light onto the retina, and enabling us clear vision. The definition of the word ‘cataract’ is clouding of this natural lens. This cloudiness (opacification) interferes with the passing of light through the

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Website tour (video, 17 seconds)

This short video will take you for a guided tour in Prof. Eytan Blumenthal’s website, about cataract and glaucoma. This comprehensive site contains a wealth of information. Reading it all would take you well over 24 hours. Watching this video will assist you in finding your way in this website, Enjoy! This website contains written

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Welcome message (video, 31 seconds)

This glaucoma and cataract website contains a wealth of information that will assist patients, their families and friends take better care of their health condition, and better understand these two common diseases. Below is a short introductory video with a welcome message from Prof. Blumenthal. In essence: cataract is a reversible condition, while glaucoma is

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