Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis lens

The Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis lens, invented by Prof. Eytan Blumenthal of Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa, Israel.  It is used for performing Suturelysis after glaucoma filtration surgery.  It provides clear visibility in routine cases, as well as enhanced suture visibility in difficult situations.

This lens is used to relax sutures placed deep within the tissue during glaucoma (trabeculectomy) surgery, enabling increased flow at the surgical site, leading to further reduction in intra-ocular pressure.

PHOTOS Showing how Suturelysis is Preformed Through this Lens

TUTORIAL & TIPS: Using the Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens

LASER SUTURE LYSIS Through Thick Blebs Using the Blumenthal Lens
(Archives of Ophthalmology, full-text: PDF)

VOLK’S WEBSITE: Product Information, and Purchasing this Lens

Suturelysis Lens: From the Press

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This website was written by Prof. Eytan Blumenthal, to better understand glaucoma & cataract. This information should not replace medical consultation.

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