Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis lens

[button link=”https://www.glaucoma.org.il/videos/volk-blumenthal-suturelysis-lens-presentation-for-ophthalmologists” type=”big”]Presentation for ophthalmologists[/button]

(5 minutes)


[button link=”https://www.glaucoma.org.il/videos/volk-blumenthal-suturelysis-lens-presentation-for-non-ophthalmologists” type=”big”]Presentation for non-ophthalmologists[/button]

(8 minutes)


Press here: Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens information page

Glaucoma & Cataract:



This website was written by Prof. Eytan Blumenthal, to better understand glaucoma & cataract. This information should not replace medical consultation.

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Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens
Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens
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