Glaucoma & Cataract, Prof. Eytan Blumenthal


Suturelysis Lens

Surgery for Glaucoma- Introduction

Surgery is necessary in those situations in which medicines and laser surgery are not adequate to sufficiently control the intraocular pressure. When an ophthalmologist decides that there is a risk for further advance of the disease despite current treatment, he is likely to recommend surgical intervention. Of all the existing surgeries performed to treat glaucoma, …

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Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens- broken suture seen with retracted ends

Suturelysis Lens: Photos

Photos taken through the Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens:         [button link=”” type=big]Press here to watch a Video Tutorial[/button]

Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens

Suturelysis Lens: Information and Tips

  This novel lens design provides several distinct advantages:   Suture magnification: owing to the convex back-surface (the surface facing the surgeon), the lens magnifies the suture appearance two to three fold. Compressive properties of the lens tip: the pointed tip provides a strong compressive force that increases visibility of the suture, and adds to …

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Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens- Closeup of lens tip

Suturelysis Lens: From The Press

Volk Blumenthal Lens Gains Visibility for Superior Suture Lysis Performance Mentor, Ohio (May 24, 2006) – Volk Optical’s Blumenthal Suturelysis lens was recently cited in a surgical technique note for its enhanced suture visibility in difficult cases.  The contact laser lens, designed in conjunction with Eytan Blumenthal, MD for use in glaucoma treatment, was featured …

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Volk Sutureylsis Lens: ‘Tutorial CD’

[button link=”” type=”big”]Presentation for ophthalmologists[/button] (5 minutes)   [button link=”” type=”big”]Presentation for non-ophthalmologists[/button] (8 minutes)   Press here: Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens information page