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‘Terms of Service’ for the website

Welcome to Prof. Eytan Blumenthal’s websites on eye diseases, dealing with glaucoma and cataract. Following are the terms of service for this website:

The medical information contained in this website was written by Prof. Eytan Blumenthal. It contains general information which does not constitute a medical advice, a professional opinion, or replacement to consulting a physician. The information provided in this website should not be used to choose medical care or treatment, to refrain from, or to replace a formal physician’s examination and treatment.

The material provided in this website is intended for the sole purpose of supplying the public with general information about eye diseases, and to broaden their general knowledge. In case of a medical problem you should consult a physician or eye specialist. If the condition appears to be urgent, it is pertinent that you approach the nearest hospital emergency-room without delay.

Any use of this website is the sole responsibility of the user.  This website is intended solely for personal use, and it is forbidden to use this website or its contents for any commercial usage. It is forbidden to copy, broadcast, use for advertising, make any commercial use or sell part of the contents contained in this website, without prior, written permission from the owner. Users entering this website agree not to make any wrongful or illegal use of the website and its contents, and by entering this website the user agrees to respect the full copyrights of the website owner.

Website Copyright

The entire contents of the “” website, including the entire contents, information, pictures, figures, logos, illustrations, video segments, sounds, designs, graphics, text, source code, computer codes, and all other components forming this website and contained in it, are protected by means of copyrights, trademarks, designs and/or other legal rights.

It is forbidden to copy, imitate, quote, distribute, duplicate, present in public, sell, give to a third party, or make any other use which violates copyright laws regarding any part of this website, unless a prior written permission, signed by Prof. Eytan Blumenthal, was obtained.

The laws pertaining to the usage of this website are the laws of the State of Israel, and the venue at which such disputes will be determined is an Israeli court in Jerusalem.

Entering and browsing this website reflects the user’s full agreement to the terms of service provided in this document. In case you do not accept these terms of service, or any part of them, you are not entitled to enter, nor make any use of this website for any purpose whatsoever.

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