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The button which is pressed while performing a visual field test

What is a Visual Field Test

A visual field test is preformed by a specially trained technician. The results of each individual eye are registered in print and the patient is requested to give the test results to the ophthalmologist during the patient’s next visit. According to the findings in the test, the doctor can diagnose the patient, and determine what …

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Visual Field Damage in Glaucoma

A computerized visual field examination is a test that enables us to evaluate the amount of damage existing in the visual field of an eye suffering from glaucoma. If, on the other hand, no damage is found, we might conclude that the eye is either healthy, or at risk to develop future visual field damage. In …

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Glaucoma Medications Explained

This is a particularly important section which I encourage you to read, particularly if you place glaucoma eye-drops regularly. In the following links- you will find, in simple text, information on each and every eye-drop used for glaucoma.  For each class of eye-drops, the mechanism of action, a list of the important side-effects as well as …

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Treating Glaucoma- Introduction

Once diagnosed with glaucoma, it is essential to lower and balance the intra-ocular pressure as much as possible. The term to ‘balance’ refers to decreasing the pressure to values in which it is expected that the disease will no longer continue to progress, or at least will be significantly slowed down. Generally there are three methods for …

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Treatment Goals in Glaucoma

Until about twenty years ago the treatment of glaucoma was viewed by the ophthalmologist as having a single aim – the reduction of intraocular pressure to a value of