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The Different Types of Glaucoma

A picture showing the eye's structure, specifically the anatomy of an eye with glaucoma and cataract

Glaucoma is a disease of intraocular pressure which is too high for the health of the eye. The underlying cause for the increase of intraocular pressure leading to glaucoma is a decrease in drainage of the fluids out of the eye. Therefore, different types of glaucoma may be categorized according to the reasons for this decrease in drainage (which may also be referred to as clogging of the...

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Normal pressure glaucoma (also called: A low-pressure glaucoma)

“Low-pressure glaucoma (or normal)” sounds like an oxymoron: after all if the pressure is normal then how come there is glaucoma? Well, although it is not logical, it turns out that in some eyes, despite the fact high pressure (defined as pressure above 21) was never measured, the optic nerve shows progressive damage that is attributed to glaucoma.  In addition, in these individuals...

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